Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gamers language is undeciperable

While surfing sites today, using Blog Explosion, I came upon many sites wherein discussion about "gaming" caught my eye. Stopped and read some of them, too! What language are these folks speaking, please?

The extent of my gaming amounts to going to Pogo to play Word Whomp, which I don't like very much these days because tokens added to score don't equal score actually earned. I haven't dared to play Scrabble online - don't have a Scrabble dictionary and some of the words declared as viable are unknown to me and I couldn't begin to define them!

I thought I was very adventurous when I acquired Myst, for Pete sakes. The newest in the Myst series, "Exile," has me stymied because I can't get out of any of the worlds into which I find myself! Haven't attempted to play around with Exile for quite a while as I find it very frustrating when my hands can't coordinate themselves with these tired, old eyes! I've been told there are cheat sheets available online, but what kind of challenge is it to play a game when all puzzles are explained? That's kinda sorta like cheating when playing solitaire, the old fashioned way! Does anyone play solitaire with real cards anymore?

My computer is a very important tool for me these days and can't imagine being without it for communicating with those who live far away from me, word processing is of prime importance for completion of monthly reports for the volunteer organization to which I belong, creating and digitizing embroidery designs would be impossible to do manually with my unsteady hands, and surfing the Web is lots of fun on those nights when I find it difficult to sleep.

The first computer I ever used was a hugmongous Litton 3-tape drive monster which took up an entire room the size of my guest room. These days computers are getting smaller and more powerful by the hour!

When I first came online, the Internet was very user unfriendly and less than appealing to the eyes. Websites have become more attractive, with much more information available immediately. There is access to practically every place in the world with just a point of the mouse and a couple of clicks. I discovered recently if there's a book I'd care to read, there's a place where I can go to either download it or read it online! I visit all of the zoos that have animal cams set up so I can peek in on the activities of whichever is being shown. I continue to be amazed by the creativity displayed on the sites I've visited and the veritable fount of information that is available to me.

As for the gaming language I encountered, don't believe I am young enough or have enough spunk to learn it. I have enough trouble with the English language, thank you very much!

Well, I've rambled on long enough. Think I will see if I can win a game of Spider Solitaire before taking Miss Freckles outside for her evening stroll. I'm such a daring person when it comes to "gaming!"


Blogger Mama Mouse said...

I play a few games ... some at Pogo, some at Yahoo and two or three I have on my computer ... one of which is Scrabble! I didn't know that there was somewhere to play it online ... but I don't know all those strangely spelled words either. My mother used to have a Scrabble dictionary .... but if it doesn't come into my head on its own, I feel like its cheating!

I had trouble with the first Myst ... never got any of the others! But I love gameing, even though I don't really do it any longer.

The computer is my life line too! Without it I'd probably whither up and die. It is a way for people like you and I to connect with others and be the vital spirits we are!

I'm glad you are here ... and I'm glad I am here!

9:56 PM PDT  
Blogger Patty said...

I'm like you, I stick to games that are pretty simple. I never play on line games with others. I do have all the Hoyle Games installed on my hard drive, Word Games, Card Games and Board Games. You can play with their players or if you have company, you can play with humans. You can also set it to hear comments from their players or SHUT off the sound, I play them a lot without the sound. Harley is my favorite player, he's a bear. Sounds childish doesn't it?

My one daughter is always buying me a new game, but like you, I find them frustrating. I have several of the Nancy Drew Mystery ones, but it seems like I just keep going around in circles and can't find new clues. Daughter comes over and can find them right away.

I also like to play on the internet, Bookworm, Text Twist and Flip Words. Any that requires speed to play just seems to get me all worked up, since I don't have the speed required to play.

I also like to do zigsaw puzzles on line and I have several word puzzles I do on the AARP website.

Yes, it's nice to have computer friends and you can have them even if you're in your nightgown and hair in curlers.

Have a good day.

7:38 AM PDT  
Blogger Milt Bogs said...

I know how you feel about the cheat pages for Exile. I gave in in the end and had a quick squint. What happened to the scam creeps? I'm most impressed M_F.

4:32 PM PDT  
Blogger Josh said...

I'm nearly 29 years old and I'm one of those people you are takling about. I've been playing games since I learned to walk up to an arcade machine, stand on a chair and play. Or toddle to the t.v. and play the old Atari 2600.
Nowadays the games are so realistic I drool a puddle on the floor while playing them.
I like the old simple games too: solitaire etc. But they just don't keep my attention for more than a few minutes because there's just so many awesome games out nowadays to play.
XBOX 360 will be mine...oh yes...it shall be mine :P
Take care...

4:00 PM PDT  

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