Wednesday, September 07, 2005

All is well in Micky Finn's world!

This old gal has been whining for long enough. Just because I've had a tough time of it, doesn't mean it won't get better for me. Kinda sorta tired to being on the short end of the stick all the time and now I'm fighting back!

To begin with, a goofy-looking type of individual knocked on my door earlier today. At first I thought it might be a Mormon with "stuff" to give me to help me on my trip to Heaven or a Jesuit to tell me there's no way I'm gonna make that trip to Heaven! Imagine my surprise when I heard "I'm here to tell you there is a HUGE problem with your checking account." My Son of a Blogitch antennae immediately sprouted forth and I was ready for him full bore!

I asked him to wait while I put some shoes on - what I was doing was getting my cell phone and calling the Sheriff's office while putting some shoes on my erstwhile bare feet. Stepped out on the porch, closed and latched the gate, and asked the previously cited goofy-looking guy for some identification. You see, he'd already called me by my correct name (even managed to pronounce my last name correctly). After a few seconds passed and he made no effort to profer ANY identification (much less a name), I opened the front door of the house and let Miss Freckles onto the porch!

Miss Freckles managed very nicely, thank you, to prevent goofy-looking guy from moving any further than a half step before grabbing his leg and holding on tightly! And, the lead pipe I was more than willing to swing at him if he made any further attempt to move also helped convince him to remain still.

The deputies arrived (2 cars full of them) - a third car also pulled into the driveway wherein there were two other goofy-looking guys ensconced in the back seat! Seems they were involved in some kind of scam whereby they were getting information AND money from elderly folks using scare tactics about their checking accounts being over-drawn. Now, I may be one of those folks that look mighty dumb, but my busghetti hasn't completely slud off my plate yet!

Goofy-looking guy was escorted to jail, along with his cohorts, and I've gotta go to town tomorrow to sign an affadavit against him. Hooray for Miss Freckles and her ability to protect me against all invaders of HER domain, and hooray for me for having built-in Son of a Blogitch antennae!

Held a digitizing class with three ladies after the excitement of the morning. I'm attempting to teach these particular three ladies - average age 69 3/4 - how to create and digitize embroidery designs. One of them is a former teacher - she knows everything about everything. Another I've nicknamed Fast Fanny - because she tries to do things without instruction ahead of everyone else and screws up badly! The third of the group is a complainer - "I can't get this and probably will never be able to do it" have come out of her mouth more times than I care to mention! I'm an excellent instructor and give directions clearly, slowly, and in appropriate order!

A class which should have lasted one hour stretched out into nearly four! Not because these ladies are stupid or mentally incapacitated in any way - and not because my instructions were too complicated for them to grasp - merely because they decided (even though they were paying for these classes) it was more important to gossip and spout their jealousies!

I've never understood the reason for anyone to be jealous of anyone else, either for what they may have, how much they make, what they wear, to whom they are married, what they've achieved, and what they look like - or for whatever reason! Needless to say, I couldn't contain myself any longer and I spouted off by letting them know my time is valuable and my class is supposed to be to teach not to be bombarded with tales of woe and jealousy, while sitting at one of the three's dining room table, mind you. How much brass did that take? '-)

When I finished my tirade, you could have heard a feather land like a ton of steel in that house and the looks of total amazement on their faces was absolutely priceless. Nothing more was said, the class continued, and they finally started to LEARN something. Their 3rd and final class was scheduled for two weeks from today, and they thanked me for setting them straight! Thanked me! As I drove off, I thought I would probably have to apologize to the three of them for losing my cool. However, upon arriving home, I found two messages on my answering machine apologizing to me and one e-mail doing the same!

Now, who could ask for a better day than the one I've had so far!


Blogger Patty said...

You're one smart cookie. Thank goodness you kept your wits and used some common sense in the whole matter.

As for the class, good for you, it sometimes pays to put people in their place.

Have a good evening. And keep dog close by.

2:26 PM PDT  
Blogger CPT PYRO said...

Good on ya!! You will have to call me and give me the details. Take care,


8:05 PM PDT  
Blogger Christopher Trottier said...

Kudos to you for letting justice happen.

10:31 PM PDT  

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