Monday, July 18, 2005

Everyone's invited!

This is not a good day - I've been a very bad girl. But, I must add right here and now that I had an enabler! I smoked a complete cigarette this morning.

Here's what happened: Without having any coffee to get me jump started, I showed up at doc's lab for what I thought was an 08:30 appointment, but it wasn't until 10:10. So, they kept me there to do a bone density test - once a year I have that done. While doing the scan, the doppler showed something the technician didn't like and she forwarded image to hospital for IMMEDIATE READING. Meanwhile, I was sitting in an exam room suffering from "over imagination syndrome," as well as the need for a cup of coffee (and thinking how good a cigarette would taste with it.)

After about 30 minutes, I was taken to the "ghoul room," as I jokingly call it, and had blood withdrawn and peed in the little plastic cup! The lab technician, a very good friend of mine, asked me why I appeared so nervous. Explained what had happened with bone scan, that I'd quit smoking, hadn't had any coffee yet, and my blood pressure was probably completely off the scale! She took me outside, whereby she and I both lit up - and my conscience didn't bother me one single bit. In fact, I calmed down even more after she brought me a cup of coffee from the break room. I would have asked her for another cigarette to bring home with me, but thought that would be rather pushy of me.

When we got back inside, the doctor appeared (as if by magic, 'cuz he is never seen on lab days!) and took me into his office. He explained to me that I have a slight fracture in my pelvis, which explains my inability to march, sit in a certain position, stand for very long, or walk like I used to without hurting BADLY.

Don't have any idea how it happened - but after having many x-rays, it seems that it is a fairly recent injury. Doc explained one doesn't have to fall to fracture one's pelvis - a bad step up or down stairs, on uneven ground, or getting in and out of a car and twisting incorrectly could have caused it. Nothing can be done - it's gotta heal on its own!

Then, had to take the heart monitor for some fine tuning - seems the batteries were about dead and new ones hadn't been included in the mailing. Last reading I forwarded by phone was total garbled nonsense - comforting to know that I could very well have been having a heart attack and nobody would have known it. Can anything else happen to set me back?

Took out some of my frustration after getting home and got the front and side yard mowed - not sure how good a job I did because it was rather hard for me to see through the tears! There are definite advantages to living out in the country - I can holler at the
top of my voice and nobody gives a rats butt 'cuz nobody can hear me.

I'm gonna have a pity party for myself - don't have any alcohol with which to drown my sorrows and no cigarettes (why I didn't stop somewhere on my way home to buy some, I will never know) on which to puff happily, but I do have my French Vanilla cafe and double stuff oreos. So, if y'all come, it will be BYOB! And, for heaven's sake, don't try to fix me up with anyone to round out the numbers!


Blogger Milt Bogs said...

I just lit one up for you. I think you deserve it and take it easy with the mowing until your pelvis fixes itself.

12:11 PM PDT  
Blogger Mouthy Mom said...

Yikes! I hope it heals quickly! One cigarette won't kill you, I promise. But doesn't it taste SOOO good when you haven't had one in so long??

Mouthy Mom

7:45 PM PDT  
Blogger andrena said...

awwww..hope your pity party is over. Hope your pelvis heals soon.

8:17 PM PDT  
Blogger Sparkling said...

I love Oreos!

8:07 AM PDT  

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