Thursday, September 29, 2005

Today's Rantings

Things either haven't been aligned astrologically, OR I've not been behaving myself appropriately, OR I've not been holding my mouth exactly right this past week - but it's been a week from Hell! No exaggeration, mind you!

Came down with bronchial infection AND inner ear infection! As if coughing my insides out hasn't been enough, bouncing off the walls from loss of balance has aided and abetted my misery. First round of antibiotics didn't seem to help me, unless you consider my eyes turning yellow and breaking out all over my body in an ugly rash which itched like crazy helping me! New medication certainly did seem to do the trick with clearing my bronchia - but functioning as a zombie was rather difficult!

Somewhere in the mists of my recollection, I had to go to Wal Mart to get dog food and some milk. Of course, didn't I leave my cane in the carriage and not notice it until I got home. It could not have been a pretty sight to see me crawling on my hands and knees up and down the steps to and from the front porch while dragging plastic bags and then an eight-pound sack of dog food! I was grateful at that particular moment for living out in the country with no nearby neighbors!!

Called Wal Mart to report my lost cane and it had been turned in at Customer Service. A buddy of mine works in the shoe department and she promised to bring my cane to me yesterday. How dare she have a friend come in from Illinois whom she hadn't seen in three years, preventing her from returning my cane to me! LOL
She finally arrived today for a digitizing lesson, with my lovely ? black cane in tow! Never thought I would see the day I'd want to kiss a cane!

The part-time job finally came to fruition - I start on Monday morning of next week. Had just about given up on ever hearing from the folks again! However, it appears that I will have to not only play the part of the super hero accounting wise, but will have to be General Patton, Mother Teresa, and an avenging angel in order to keep these folks from filing bankrupcy. Prayers will help - oh my, I need your prayers and I'm sure you could use some practice! Help!!!

Finally, after two years of attempting to get someone out here to look at the timber on my land and give me an estimate of how much money I might be able to amass from selling it, the gentleman is coming tomorrow. Now, I don't know how much y'all know about Rednecks... well, think I will leave that alone for now!

Because of the medication I'm taking, I believe my taste buds have moved south for the winter - everything tastes the same. Kinda sorta a cross between cardboard and rusty nails! I'm craving something salty, such as bacon - only because doctor told me "NO SALTY ITEMS IN MY DIET UNTIL ALL MEDICATION HAS BEEN TAKEN." Would never have given bacon another thought if he hadn't said that!

All in all, this past week or so has been less than productive for me - the couch and I became very close friends! Poor Miss Freckles has been feeling very neglected because of my being down and she made every effort to make me feel better. She kept bringing me her "squeaky toys" to throw for her to retrieve for me to throw again. Needless to say, I was in no shape to throw anything. Today, when I felt more like myself, I threw a couple of her squeaky toys for her - and didn't she just look at me as if to say "You gotta be kidding!"

Three more days worth of medication left to take before I can have some bacon. Think I will go down to the country store a short distance from the house, use a roll of quarters to buy a pound (do they still sell bacon in pound packages), and have it on standby! With my kind of luck, I'll not want any bacon after I stop taking my meds! So it goes!


Blogger Patty said...

It's hard to find bacon in a pound package any longer, unless you go to a butcher and they weigh out a pound for you. Most packages are 12 oz size. But you still pay as if it's a pound.

Have you ever noticed 1/2 gal. of ice cream is no longer 1/2 gal., they have taken some out, but still charge the same price.

They have done this with so many food items and soap powders.

GLAD to hear you are on the road to recovery. Make sure you take your vitamins, so you don't catch something again.

Also gald you found some work. I guess you've been looking for something to do? I go Monday morning to talk with the manager of the deli at our local supermarket. I'm looking for something part time, tired of being retired.

Hang in there, you'll soon be as good as new, or at least close to it. Give Ms Freckles an extra pat from me.

4:21 AM PDT  

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