Friday, June 24, 2005

Son of a Blogitch!

If I were a betting person, I'd be willing to bet.... well, maybe not that! But, I'm quite sure everyone has met or knows someone who falls into my category of Son of a Blogitch!

There's a certain category of individuals who are positively, absolutely sure they are RIGHT about everything and have no concern whatsoever for anyone else's opinions or feelings. Usually these creeps have never had an original thought, but they proudly parrot those of others, claiming the profundity contained in those thoughts as their own.

When it's not possible for them to overhear or read someone else's opinion or statement of fact, they make up something and swear it is the Gospel. The lies they tell are told and embellished upon so often that in their warped minds, the lies become absolute truth to be defended with vitreol, which usually is accompanied with the defense statement of "I tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may." At this point, I wish for permission from SOMEONE, ANYONE to perform either a lobotomy or a realignment of their brains with a dull knife and a soup ladle.

Dealing with individuals of this nature is very difficult, to say the least. If you ignore them, they take that as acceptance. If you call them down, you end up looking even more stupid than they are because you've lowered yourself to their level. If you complain to someone else about their behavior, word usually gets back to them and now they feel completely justified.

My way of dealing with these folks is the minute they open their mouths to say ANYTHING to me, I just very impolitely turn my back on them and walk away! Not only do I not have to hear their "stuff," but I can then honestly say "I didn't hear that."


Blogger Sar said...

Good advice!

1:03 PM PDT  
Blogger roostersgrrl said...

Oh my! Never heard of that term before but I like it? May I use it?

10:12 PM PDT  

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