Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pachyderm pooh?

I feel about as good as warmed-over pachyderm pooh this morning. Supposed to work today, but think yours truly will stay cuddled up under the covers in my bed and hope I feel better SOON. Hope it's not bronchitis (a usual malady of mine in winter - and I use the term "winter" lightly here), but rather just a really bad cold.

Never know how to dress these days. One day the high will be in the mid 30s, and the next day the high is in the mid 70s. One day of winter and then one day of spring - the poor trees and flowering shrubs are very confused as to whether or not they should sleep or get busy blooming!!!

I shamelessly will place the URL for my embroidery website here in hopes SOMEONE who drops in here will visit my site might be inspried to purchase one or more of my designs:
http://home.mindspring.com/~wease2u/. Haven't sold a design in a few months now and haven't had time to create any new ones lately, either.

Just tried to drink a cup of coffee - throat protested loudly. So, this is all I've got to say this morning and will shuffle off to take some medicine, then into the bed (with electric blanket ON), and possibly sleep this mess away.

Micky Finn is down for the day!


Blogger Patty said...

Dear Mickey,
Hope you're feeling better. I had something, which I called a sinus infection because my face hurt so bad. I went to the doctor last Tuesday the 3rd., since they were closed on Monday due to New Years, and it's a good thing I went when I did, he gave me a ten day supply of an antibotic and a stronger decongestion capsule for the nose that was so stuffed up, I couldn't get any air through it, but could feel it throbbing like my heart beating. My throat also was hurting from the drainage. Almost lost my voice on Wed. So I got there in time to stop it. That will be a week ago tomorrow, still have a couple more days of the anitbotic to take.

So hang in there and get to the doctor for some good medicines.

3:36 PM PST  
Blogger Mama Mouse said...

I hope you are feeling better ... I'm getting a tad concerned! Please let us know~!

7:52 PM PST  

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