Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's good to feel good!

It's wonderful to feel good again! Although I have continual pain from my pesky fracture (which is supposedly healed), and arthritis seems to be running rampant these days, I feel good. Lost a little bit more weight, which always seems to make this old gal happy!

Got a telephone call a short while ago from one of my school "chums" from my university days in the 90's. It was wonderful hearing from him - he was an exceptional student and a dear friend to me while I struggled with attending school after 40 years had elapsed since attending high school!!

In fact, when he and his wife got married, I was honored to have stood up with them at the court house on that glorious fall day nearly ten years ago. They swore me to secrecy - as they both were in college and didn't want anyone to know. I didn't tell a soul until they finally had a beautiful reception (which I wasn't able to attend because I was in Amsterdam as an exchange student) two years after their nuptials. Their sweet little girl will soon be two years old and her father has taught her to say "boogerhead," which she quite plainly said to me on the phone! He will rue the day he taught her that, mark my words!

Had a house full of company on Saturday - friends from the Alabama State Defense Force. Both couples are comprised of absolutely crazy men and very quiet and withdrawn wives! Before the day was over, all of them were telling me joke after joke until I had to beg for mercy because I was hurting from the cheeks on my face to the other cheeks!!!! What a fun day it was. I fixed sloppy joes, potato salad, strawberry pizza (a favorite dessert of mine), and what seemed like gallons of coffee! Wasn't a crumb of anything left, either! Miss Freckles was petted and pampered by all, which (of course) she thoroughly enjoyed.

I received a belated birthday present - a HUGE cinnamon candle which is making my house mouth wateringly tantalizing! My birthday was on the 13th of January - and my very good friend (Judy) was here to see to it that I had a very nice day. She took me out to dinner and brought me all kinds of goodies from her "yard sale" jaunts in New York. And, here it is the last day of January already. Phew, the month certainly has flown by much too quickly.

As you can tell, I've really nothing of any great importance about which to write.

Micky Finn has blathered again.


Blogger Mama Mouse said...

But feeling GOOD and having great fun with great company IS VERY important! You deserve it too!

Sounds like you are coming off of the roller coaster and into the landing where things will get easier and you'll feel so MUCH better!

Good for you!

7:23 PM PST  
Blogger Patty said...

This is the kind of blog I like reading. You having so much fun and feeling half way decent health wise.

I get so tired of reading some of these young people, that are always complaining about being depressed, or one thing or another. I think they are just bored. They want someone to entertain them, they haven't learned how to entertain themselves like we have learned.

Hope you have more great days like last Saturday.

2:36 PM PST  

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