Thursday, June 30, 2005

Boy Howdy, it's hot and humid today. Absolutely had to mow my yard before the forestry department declared it a "no burn area" or "let's clear that brush" zone! Knew better than to go out in that heat, even on a riding lawn mower. But, knew if I waited until this evening I would find yet ANOTHER reason for not getting the mowing done! Didn't quite get done - would you believe I actually got freezing cold? I've had heat stroke before - very quickly parked the lawn mower in the garage and came inside to drink LOTS of water and lay down to rest. Will I ever learn? Doubtful, at best!

After living in the south for well over half of my life, wouldn't you think I would now be acclimated? Not so many years ago, when I was more than on the heavy side, neither the heat nor the cold bothered me at all. Hardly ever broke a sweat, no matter how hard I worked. After losing LOTS of weight and keeping it off for over 10 years now, the heat causes me to sweat into a veritable puddle and the cold - I love the cold weather! Granted, the cold weather here in the Heart of Dixie does not compare to that up north, but it can get quite bitter during the winter months for a few days at a time. I revel in it!

Surely age doesn't have anything to do with it! Huh? What's that you say? That old broad has lost her mind! Yepper, total agreement from me on that one. Lost my mind many years ago and probably far better off for it, too! Keeps me from going completely insane!

In response to Cpt_Pyro - I certainly hope you don't have to go into the "hip breaking" business! Surely did giggle when I read that - nice to know someone out there is willing to come to my defense, if needed!


Blogger Milt Bogs said...

I have decided to save up for a motorcycle. P.S. I am very good at grass cutting.

1:16 AM PDT  
Blogger carrie said...

my mom says "boy howdy"

it's funny.
good to see it on the internet.

6:33 AM PDT  

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