Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why worry?

Sometimes I wonder why do I worry! What good does it do? To the best of my knowledge, none whatsoever! Yet, I find myself worrying about things over which I never could have any control!

For example, I worry about my kids. Doesn't help them the least bit and just puts me into a tizzy! None of them live near me, have very full lives of their own, and probably don't waste a moment of their time worrying about me. Hmm, where's the logic in that?

The weather has been inordinately cold here this winter and I worry about keeping warm enough and then adding more worry about my ability to pay the power bill! I'm perfectly capable of turning the thermostat down and putting on more clothes! Duhh!

More recently, however, I've found myself worrying about stupid things. Like, why is the law of physics so out of control that I drink two cups of coffee and P38? Why, all of a sudden, have I contracted the most disconcerting habit of burping (and rather loudly, I might add) after eating? Doesn't matter what I've eaten either - even do it after drinking a glass of milk, for Pete Sakes!!! Another thing that worries me is that I seem to have my days and nights mixed up. I do my best sleeping lately during the day and want to play on Pogo during the wee hours of the morning! Why this should bother me completely bumfuzzles me, as what difference does it make in the larger scheme of things?

I'm proud to announce, though, I've quit worrying about the wrinkles on my face and body! At my age, who the heck looks at me anyway? The latest fashions don't worry me one bit, either! I mean, blue jeans and a sweat shirt - comfortable - is the closest I get to making a fashion statement! As for makeup - well, we won't discuss how long it's been since I've used any! To what end? Just makes the wrinkles show up more ! Don't need that worry! So, when I'm out and about, I may have to rely on my cane for safety. It doesn't worry me that someone might think I'm old because I am! Worked hard to get here, thank you!

Friends have ever so politely suggested it might be a good idea to seek some companionship! Sorry, I'm laughing so hard at that proposal I might not be able to continue pontificating! (I could tell a few horror stories about those with whom I've been "fixed up!") I'm not worried about companionship - nobody would have me because I've become very set in my ways this past ten years and I'd be impossible to be around! Never was much to look at, even when I was younger. But, my motto was "I'd lots rather be ugly and smart than beautiful and dumb!" Yeah, right. Would have been nice to have been beautiful for just one day! But, haven't worried about that for many moons!

The moral of this posting is I've realized how wonderful life is and that living it is a terrific way to eliminate worrying! I'm thankful for each day I've been given, don't make any long range plans, and will make every effort possible to remove all forms of worrying from my life! Won't make any promises I will achieve this lofty goal, but don't count me out!

Mickey Finn is going to watch another movie on TCM. See you later!


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