Friday, August 04, 2006

Bad Day Gone Good

Typical morning - NOT! Awoke to the stye in my right eye throbbing like a tooth ache gone mad, the ringing in my ears was louder than usual, and felt the telltale beginnings of a wonderful ear ache! However, I did not let this inauspicious beginning deter me from continuing onward!

Whilst pouring my first cup of coffee of the day, the coffee pot disintegrated, not only before my very eyes, but all over the gosh durned kitchen! Of course, I have at least 3 or 4 coffee pots, mind you, but not a one of them will work with my present coffee maker. Go figure! And I hadn't even had my first sip to get my heart beating into its normal rythym!

Went about 3 1/2 miles down the road to the country store and purchased 3 cups of black coffee (I figured I could doctor them with the appropriate amounts of creamer and sugar at home in one of my many favorite mugs). That idea flew right out the window along with all my other "good intentions" when I turned onto my road and coffee went in the opposite direction all over my car! Soft beige leather seats don't take too kindly to being cleaned with hot coffee, don'tcha know. After cleaning up second coffee mess, I STILL HADN'T HAD A CUP OF COFFEE!

Got ready to go to my part-time job (today instead of yesterday because air conditioner in office wasn't working yesterday!) and headed out - but, stopped at country store for a very small cup of already creamed and sugared coffee with a very tight lid to sip on my way! Thankfully, I was able to drink it while traveling the 30 miles to work with no mishaps! But, suffice it to say that with the way my morning had started, I was not looking forward to the rest of the day.

Only worked until noon - got a lot done and left feeling quite proud of myself in the fact that I had accomplished a lot and left my desk completely clean of all that had to be done. Tucked my pay into my purse and headed for the Wal Mart Super Store (about 25 miles away). Finally found a parking spot in what seemed like miles away from either of the doors because school is about to start and sales tax has been abated for 3 days to help the parents of all those kiddies!!! Looked like "Black Friday" in the parking lot, believe me.

Wended my way very carefully through the crowded store and found everything on my list (added a couple of extras, like 2 new coffee pots that will fit my coffee maker), checked out in an inordinately small space of time, and headed for the car. Now, mind you, the temperature at that time was 98 degrees, with dew point at 78, which means the heat index has to be close to 110. The air conditioner on my car still hasn't been fixed, but I knew the refrigerated goods would be fine until I could lug them into the house and put them away.

While sweating profusely (I don't perspire, thank you), I drove the remaining 18 miles of my sojourn and pulled up to my front porch. Upon opening the back door to remove sacks to carry inside, I realized I had left my purse in the carriage at Wal Mart! Boy howdy, my old flivver didn't let me down on the country roads back to town - 80 miles per hour, with flashers going, everyone pulled over to let me go on, and I was frantically praying OUT LOUD that I would recover my purse. About half way there, the stye in my eye decided to burst, making it very difficult to maintain the rapid pace at which I had begun my trip back to Wally World because I COULDN'T SEE A THING! Managed to creep along, using only one eye, and daubing like a mad woman at my right eye in hopes of being able to see out of it before I hit a tree, an old lady, or an errant old man!! The ringing in my ears has now reached a deafening roar and my ear ache was causing the entire right side of my face and neck to hurt, plus I can't open all windows in my car (no air conditioning, remember) for fear the header will all tear loose from my former daughter-in-law's long nails making ugly long streaky holes in it and the air catches it badly!

Pulled into the parking lot - found the same parking space I had used earlier, but carriage was no longer there. Now, try to get this mental image firmly implanted in your head if you can - picture a crazy looking, pruny old woman gasping for breath because she had run for the first time in about 10 years, swabbing at her eye, and holding the right side of her head at a slight angle because that seemed to make the ear ache feel better - coming into Customer Service screaming "Has anyone turned in a black shoulder bag - I left it in a carriage." I thought I said it quite plainly, but the lady behind the desk said she couldn't understand me - all she could hear was Aaargh, gargle, and worse!

After being seated, given a cold rag to put on my face, I finally calmed down enough to make my need known. Lo and behold, my purse had been turned in with ALL CONTENTS INTACT. I was escorted back to my car, given an ice cold bottle of water to drink, and thanked everyone within hearing distance of me for everything from the beginning of the world until today!

Driving home, I realized my eye had cleared up and the horrid throbbing had stopped. Further, it became apparent the ear ache was gone and the ringing in my ears had toned itself back down to its persistent tiny tingling sound, the cold water felt good when I poured it over my head, and the best of all - when I thanked God for interceding on my behalf, I was able to start laughing at myself and the predicament in which I had found myself beginning with the start of the day! Got the groceries into the house and put away - all was well with the refrigerated "stuff." Got into my favorite night shirt, poured me a large cold glass of milk, and realized that Micky Finn is in great shape for the shape she's in!

Micky Finn is pleased to report God still hears and answers prayers!


Blogger Patricia Ann said...

Glad to see you're still among the living. Ha!Ha!. I've been blogging at efx2 as When Modblog went down, my husband went there and I ended up there also.

You are one mighty lucky lady, getting your purse back and everything still in it. I gave up purses a long time ago, I didn't like leaving them in the shopping carts and I didn't like them dangling on my arm or shoulder which meant it was constantly falling off the shoulder. I have carried, for some time, a very small purse, I find I didn't need half the stuff I was carrying to begin with, it has a longer small strap, which I put over my head and one shoulder and pull the small purse around so it hangs in front of me. This way I don't have to lay or set anything down while looking at something. Plus it sure has saved my elbows and shoulders. Except for your car keys, drivers license, money and or credit cards, hospitlaization cards, Medicare card, and libary cards, plus a check or two and a pen, how much more do you really need.

You and Miss Freckles take care of each other.

5:19 PM PDT  

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